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As a Full Service Landscape Company we offer: 

Construction & Design: 
HMS Landscapes, Inc. offers a full range of designs and installations. Our designs relate to both commercial businesses and residential owners alike.

Our staff can incorporate all types of designs and plant materials that will tastefully match your style. We will listen to your needs to create a landscape that fulfills your needs and the needs of the surrounding environment.

Our staff of irrigation specialists can design and install irrigation systems for any size yard or business property. We are also well-trained in all forms of irrigation evaluations and irrigation repairs.

Landscape Management:
HMS Landscapes, Inc. provides a full-service landscape management program. This includes, but is not limited to, shrub and groundcover trimming, turf care, water management, and fertilization of turf, shrubs, and trees. We also provide our clients with a report of any necessary repairs on the property.

Landscape management is easily modified with the change of the season in order to ensure proper trimming, fertilization, and watering.

We provide an annual budget to outline our clients’ landscaping needs. This budget allows our clients to forecast their potential expenditures for the upcoming year.

Our crews attend regular safety meetings to build a safer work environment. The company also holds biannual educational seminars to keep all employees aware of evolving landscape strategies and technologies.

HMS Landscapes, Inc. has the man power, expertise and equipment to maintain both large-scale properties and large residential properties.

Our landscape management has been recognized multiple times for its award-winning projects by Arizona Landscape Contractors Association (ALCA). We are also proud to have been ranked the Best in Arizona Business for 10 straight years.

Comprehensive Tree Care: 
HMS Landscapes, Inc. utilizes the talents of our on-staff arborists and horticulturalists to provide quality large and small tree care.

Our qualified Tree Crew is experienced in all types of tree installation, trimming and shaping, and tactical and precise removal. There is no job too big or too small.

A specific list of our tree care services includes:

  • Deep root feeding
  • Tree injections with Arbor Systems
  • Large tree removal
  • Stump grinding
  • Palm tree trimming

For a free estimate on tree trimming or removals, please contact HMS at (602) 268-1809, or at d.meder@hmslandscape.com

Weed & Pest Control: 
To maintain a lush and healthy property, we recommend that the properties are pre-emerged at least twice a year in order to maintain a weed-free landscape.

HMS Landscapes, Inc. provides services in turf and granite pre-emergences. This prevents weeds from germinating and depriving the property of its esthetic value.

The spray technicians are certified with the Arizona Office of Pest Management in weed identification, turf and ornamental spray, plant disease identification and solution, and also ornamental pest control processes.

In addition to the technicians’ training in spray methods, the technicians are also trained in all of the proper safety procedures regarding chemical application and handling spray equipment.

The technicians with weed and pest control license must complete 6 credit hours per year toward their continual education.

HMS Landscapes, Inc. also recommends that turf be aerated twice per year to provide sufficient oxygen exchange and nutrients to the turf’s root system. Through aeration, turf will be much healthier and stronger.

Landscape Enhancements:

Concrete Curbing

Concrete curbing lends a finished touch to any property by complimenting the surrounding landscape without overpowering total environment
It not only serves a fundamental purpose of adding distinction between areas of your property, but serves as a permanent, decorative frame that highlights the more notable areas
HMS Landscapes can install curbing to border your lawn, flower beds and any other area of your property

Pavers and Flagstone Inlays

Whether it’s your driveway, patio, walkway or pool deck, HMS Landscapes can install quality paver or flagstone inlay systems that will best suit your style and taste
Pavers and flagstone inlays can create a remarkable effect on the overall appearance of your landscape
We have a variety of designs and layouts from simple to complex that will add texture, color and beauty, to your landscape while increasing the value of your property.


HMS Landscapes can design and install several different types of hardscape designs that can transform the atmosphere of the property into a breathtaking, outdoor living space
We can install fireplaces, fire pits, barbeques and retaining walls; the designs and materials are as unlimited as your imagination
Hardscape structures create a stunning focal point in your property and will enhance the surrounding landscape.

Concrete Overlays

HMS Landscapes offers a variety of systems for resurfacing exterior concrete to create authentic looking textures that mimic an array of materials like flagstone, granite, tile, brick and stone.
Concrete overlays are cost effective, quickly installed, easily maintained, and are stronger and more durable than regular concrete
We can create a diverse array of palettes to transform your pool deck, driveway, walkway and garage floors.

Synthetic Turf & Putting Greens

HMS Landscapes’s design and installation of synthetic turf and putting greens offer a new concept in landscape design
Synthetic turf is a modern alternative to the traditional turf. Synthetic turf requires little to no maintenance and is free of allergens, but can still provide the look and feel of healthy, full lawn.
Putting greens are also a fun and practical addition to any landscape. HMS Landscapes can create any size and shape putting green, while maintaining the appearance and atmosphere of the surrounding landscape.

Low-Voltage Lighting

HMS Landscaping can install low-voltage lighting that can add a dramatic enhancement to any property and provide illumination to a picturesque landscape
We offer several different, unique fixture designs that will best match your design and landscaping needs; including uplites, downlites, pathlites and wall lites.
The lighting systems come in a variety of designs, shapes and colors with aerospace grade materials to match your landscape and all the while, withstand the elements of nature.

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